A Kind, Humble, and Cheerful Soul I Found As a Friend, a Teacher, and mostly as a Model for a Happy Fulfilling Life

Today I won’t write assuming any of my usual perfectionistic guile when I am writing anything.Today I’ll write out of pure childlike delight for English literature, and for having found a marvellous and valuable friend in a far-off country. Don’t forget, I see a teacher in this friend as well. So this is to celebrate a wonderful person, a guide, and someone who cherishes in spreading love to people in the world. This is something I have noticed when I started following Fergus hailing from the Canada. I was originally following him because his writing of reviews, as I have noticed, carries a profound level of creativity ( this I am certain beyond measure!) that, if the whole world laid eyes on, would beg for an investment perhaps in bigger literary art, movies or otherwise. A jumble of a reviewpage isn’t a place people would consider thronging because it doesn’t mean much in terms of a day to day life. But because I seek creativity all the time, my searchlight for the same has always remained on, and, in one such, it quickly latched onto Fergus’ writing style and could barely peel its eyes away from it. Overtime I found that he has a lot to offer to this world—-his fun-and-frolicky nature which fills the lives of authors with joy and extends further on to anybody he comes by, is something this whole world can learn from! ( honestly! )

Fergus knows how to live far better than atleast 95-99% of the people of this planet. He refuses to go mainstream, he sticks with dragons and toymen in parachutes, in comic books and pushes acclaims and honour towards authors whose works have delighted him, which is a way to support another’s life ( never forget!) …. This really is like feeding a hungry person on the street, who never forgets the gratitude he feels in the moment of being fed and cared for( the analogy is perfect)

Besides, “leaving the mainstream” is reflective of a mind that is enormously wise. This is indicative of someone who understands what fulfills. There is a poetry book that Fergus directed me to once. It is titled, “The indifferent world” by Ken Craft. This book took me to a series of places I had never been to before, all locked up in the corner pages of a galactically beautiful book the bulk of the world has barely dropped eyes on.

I am very grateful for a friend who taught me what is more important in life—- quality, obscurity and its beauty, cheer, losing-oneself-in-literary-art ( evident from the way he writes), and spreading-love-without-keeping-any-account. Fergus embodies all these traits! I wish everybody finds a friend like this! Just knowing someone like this will feel like bliss!

This sketch is for Fergus

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  1. Fergus

    Oh, Nilanjana, thanks so very much – your grateful effusiveness is like one of St. Therese’s rare showers of roses for me! As an old codger I have come to expect precious little from life, let alone the cornucopia of praise you offer today.

    All my life I have followed one wise dictum – my late grandmother’s. You would surely like it.

    Her life hack for happiness? ‘Be good and you’ll be happy.’ Like Robert Frost – The Road Less Travelled. It’s hard – but, ‘Oh, the DIFFERENCE to me!’

    1. Stardust

      That’s beautiful Fergus.

      I’ll follow your words (as stated by your grandmother) for my life 🙂

      And you are absolutely welcome. I wish I could gift you the sketch —- the original one

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