Hi, I am Nilanjana Haldar, author of my first book ‘Quiet Screams to the Quiet Healer’. It is my pleasure to have you here at my website. Apart from being an author, I am also a poetess, short story writer and a blogger.
I hail from a small corner of West Bengal in India. Writing defines me. I have spent seven and a half years in medicine and yet writing is my number one. I have traveled from West Bengal to Chandigarh to Delhi and I eventually figured that I was tremendously desirous of expressing my creative self in words. I write poetry for pleasure, publish them online, fill up notebooks of them or gift them to friends. I have written three poetry books as a school student and a journal which encompasses three diaries. Being of service through writing feels more natural to me.

We hail from a society where talent isn't understood, much less pursued. Coming by my Mindvalley tribe, I figured talent is who you are and not becoming who you are is equivalent to excluding yourself from your highest potential.

I faced challenges from society all my life. Like many of you, I have watched helplessly how often some of my loved ones have had to suffer. I have seen a couple of them give up on their dreams, being gripped by fear, not knowing they always had the choice to stand up, speak for themselves and hold their grounds, or walk away later in life, if necessary. I have a question for you—> Do you see yourself as a victim of your decisions or the works of life in general? If yes, this is my message for you:

“There are no victims in the universe, only creators." — Neale Donald Walsh, best-selling author of 'Conversations With God'

I urge you to rise and stand your ground! Yes, you will have to endure ridicule, hatred, and laughter. I did all that! But you will emerge a winner and by that I mean you will be following your life path, boundless and free. To stay in touch with me, subscribe to my newsletter Here’s a link to my list of online published poems, click here