Book Review– Confessions On An Island by Ayan Pal (5 star rating)

Amazing Book!

I am not fond of psychological thrillers. But I still took a leap of faith and read this. All I can say is that this author is one of the best writers I have ever come by. And I don’t praise to this extent unless I mean it. The book has deceived me a 1000 times right to the last sentence. I am the kind of person who is capable of imagining the most inconceivable of convicts and accusations possible, while reading any thriller (if I read one anytime). I could go to the point of believing the narrater is the killer himself. However, despite being so presumptuous a reader I could barely have seen what was coming as I unfolded myself to every page in Ayan’s book.

I was stunned at many places. I was stoned over and over again by what I was reading. The book has adult content and I cannot even begin to scratch the surface of how beautifully the interplay of words can toy with the most horrifying of abuse inflicted on any human—sexual abuse. Yes! It is painful and disgustful but it is also very much a part of our world, and many places in India. If written-art can’t reproduce practical facts of our world like this one, I am not sure anything can. And to that end, Ayan has fulfilled the brief gloriously. 

Allow ‘Confessions on an island’ to toggle with your mind and extend it to places it has never been, haunting tales it has never imagined, to fuzzle your mind to the point of believing in the possibility of humanity in a character that life has spun into a twisted creature loaded with bountiful lust and shameless, stubborn revenge.

I am not supposed to give away the truth of the story to any potential buyer. All I can say is you must absolutely buy this book and read. Even if you hate psychological thrillers like me, you will come to love it. 

This is a masterpiece! If you haven’t read it, you have missed a beautiful piece in the literary bank of the world!


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