Book Review- ‘Firebird’ by Saikat Majumdar

Theme of Today’s Book Selection- The Depths of a Neglected Childhood, an Eye-opener for Parents Who Are Lost in their Jobs and Never Look into the Needs of their Children

By Nilanjana Haldar

Let me begin by telling you a bit about this book written by author, Saikat Majumdar

This book exactly places you into the empty world of hostility that Ori lived through each and every day of his childhood years. You are made to walk his life of grimness, see how a little one is stoned right through his nerves as the words of hatred easily spilled against his mother are made to lick through his skin every single day. You are made to witness Ori’s horror as he watches scandals in his mother’s profession when he is only about five. How the hurt of people’s cold hard criticism flung against his mother, stings him, repeatedly muting him as he is pushed into years far beyond his chronological age. 

This is my additional take from the book—— that it brings to light the irresponsibility of some parents who keep themselves removed from the lives of their children even in their tender growing years. The fact that these parents aren’t available around to protect, nurture and look into the needs of their children is sad. A happy home environment is a child’s birthright and a lot of parents have no clue about that and don’t even care to see that their children are being entangled into cruelty from sources everywhere. 

I firmly believe there is no point in reading a book if it doesn’t stir you to be any better.

This book rouses in the reader the importance of kindness beyond everything. Many societies in the world, one of them being Ori’s small, little society in North Kolkata harbour people that have no idea of kindness amongst family members. It has become such commonplace in some Bengali communities to naturally harbour hate amongst their own tribe and blood, that the added neglect of the parents of any child growing in such a family removes all sanity of love and peace that is a requirement for a child’s happy, protected growth. 

It is understandable that it is bold to make a statement of kindness. Perhaps, what most of us do not know that it is only natural for a human to be kind and considerate, instead of resorting to hate and criticism.

Think about it:— You will die someday! In this short span of time on earth, why wouldn’t you want to spread love? Why?

It isn’t commonplace, it is high time that people show love and kindness to one and all and reverse the tables.

In little ways, everyone can bring in kindness into their lives. Start by giving up on criticising people and looking into the what’s good in them.

Thank you for writing such an amazing book, Saikat. One of the finest English literature I have come by in this book. This book is an eye-opener to anyone to reads it.