Book Review for “Deep” by Christopher Aggett

Written by Nilanjana Haldar

The writing of this book stands out as the literary equivalent of an indisputably entrancing movie, one in which you’d rather thirst than miss pieces of the whole. 

The protagonist, Daisy’s character sketch was beautiful. I felt the parade of emotions that swept through her as she accidently found herself into the chaos she had no clue about, having lived in the forest all her life.

Ask yourself: How, just how dismal can it be to discover right in the middle of a town slowly being engulfed by flames and almost-invincible zombies, that every single bit of your life has been a lie? 

I refuse to reveal much about what I have read but there are two important segments in the novel where you are bound to be ambushed. It is here that I knee-jerked beyond what one could expect out of the story that lead up to it. It was difficult to accept what I met with at these conjectures, as Daisy secures an odd comfort amongst people who have overturned the only vestige of knowledge she carried about the world.

Beyond all reader experience, my involvement with a couple of the chapters meshed so deep, that I recall refraining myself from reading on into the night around that time, deterring myself from the uninterrupted immersion that a zero-traffic nighttime could offer. You guessed the reason I believe—-the tension in those parts had me walking on eggshells! 

This only goes to show the writer’s expertise in pushing the reader on edge. 

A small line of the story sketch—-a town is coming to a demolition. Why? Because an experiment has horribly gone wrong. Who is Daisy? The protagonist. 

What is she discovering?  ________

What will you discover? ________________


You will love it! 

You will hunger for the sequelae at the end of the book! 

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