Book Review for “How to Be an Imperfectionist: The New Way to Fearlessness, Confidence, and Freedom from Perfectionism” by Stephen Guise

Written by Nilanjana Haldar

This book deserves 100/5 stars.

It is literally changing my life. After ‘Conversations with God’ by Neale Donald Walsh, this is the second most powerful book I am reading. I normally wait till the book is over and procrastinate before I begin making attempts to write the ‘perfect review’ to post, but this book impacted me so much in doing away with my perfectionism, straight from the get-go, that I thought of posting a review at 10% completion of my reading.

This book has revealed to me at least a 100 different ways by which I allow perfectionism to play in my life (EVERY ASPECT OF IT)…. It was horrifying as the revelations began striking me! I suffer from a tremendous amount of perfectionism in my personal, work life, pursuits, even when I am meeting new people. I procrastinate so much simply because I want to do my best. This is a self-fulfilling prophecy–because ‘best’ is an illusory concept created by me and its unrealistic nature is my mind’s way of being, as the author states, an ‘excuse-generating machine’. As I procrastinate, I don’t execute that which I wanted to attempt so badly and as a result, I elevate the standards of that pursuit to a higher level, only to generate more excuse for not doing it. It is petrifying how much perfectionism I entertain in my life and am now becoming aware of. 

The book helped me focus on continuous improvement rather than perfecting anything
So I am no longer trying to finish all that I want to finish today. I am no longer focusing on burning 100 calories per treadmill ride today, or finishing that chapter in my next book today, or writing the perfect email for the client I wish to speak to, today. I am only doing what I think is necessary and yes, doing a little extra and improving it in certain ways, but not allowing this improvement-process to stifle the execution through the outdated/unhealthy perfectionism neurosis I have always carried. 

I can’t thank Stephen Guise. You are literally changing my life!

I highly recommend this book to anybody who suffers from judgementalism directed at oneself or at others.


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