Book Review for “School of Greatness” by Lewis Howes (5 Star rating)

I picked up “School of Greatness” when I first discovered who Lewis Howes was, which was through a friend in Facebook. I knew very little about Lewis back then, but after digging into his life, who he is, the struggles he overcame, the victories he made, I came to understand that at a certain level I resonated with Lewis. I had a baggage of struggles that matched his. And I was immediately intrigued by the person he was and bought the book right away, without a second thought, and began reading it as soon as it arrived. This happened to be at a time I was beginning to stifle with the limitations cast against me in my journey to the version of greatness I sought. 

A little about me (to help you understand, how deeply the book moved me) —-I come from a community in India where people are habituated to live and hold in high honour lifestyles that run the established pathways—becoming a doctor/ becoming an engineer/ opening your own private clinic and all of that. Lewis’ book arrived in my hands at a time my motivation, and soulful drive to becoming a motivational speaker and fiction novelist was scathed by the tumultuous disdain laid against it by people in my community. Not a single person here believes I can become what I desire to become (which is okay now). However, before I came to read this book, the dream seemed like a desire to visit to the moon—-an illusory sentiment, nothing else!

Motivational speaking and fiction novel writing are self-made entrepreneurial lines and in order to achieve in vocations of this kind, whether part time or full-time, one requires a mindset and a list of daily rituals that can implant the requisite practices one needs to invest time and energy in, daily (like ridiculously daily), in order to get to that dream which otherwise might seem far-fetched at this moment. 

This book doesn’t just fritter away all your excuses and spearheads you on that journey. Infact, it goes way beyond that, it is more like a beckon of hope for innovative minds stuck in cultures like mine, that are looking for a way to create their lives the way they desire, that are seeking a mentor but have found none in their immediate surroundings. If you hail from a culture where you are inclined to believe you can’t in any way make your entrepreneurial dreams a reality, this book can come off as a mentor-in-pages that will install in you the strategies, the mindset, the habitual practices ( provided you are willing to take action), the minute baby steps that you can uptake despite running your normal life with the culture around you, to push you closer and closer towards the possibility of your dream. If it seemed impossible and you were close to surrendering all your hype in it, after reading Lewis’ book you will notice that nothing is impossible provided we are willing to work at it. 

I stopped blaming my culture ( even though it seemed like that at the start of my message) for not providing the encouragement I needed and instead began taking action. I leapt into a regular routine of exercise and have stopped since. I remind myself Lewis’ words, “ Suffer now and live like a champion in future” every day. The book has literally pushed me towards becoming more Disciplines, smarter, to stop being a victim to circumstances and taking 100% responsibility for my life, to install habits that I have never learnt before, to love people around me selflessly, to meditate daily, to hustle, to understand the importance of  building a family network in your work life. The book teaches you the art of being your best self around people in a way that comfortably allows you to settle into relationships, while honouring your authenticity, all of which you require in creating the life you desire—-your dream life. 

In one sentence I will sum it up by saying: The book got me doing things I would not have considered doing before leading me to understand the true commitment necessary in building the life I desired. 

This book is a beckon of hope for innovators around the world. 

Thank you Lewis! You inspire me and you inspire many! 

–Written by Nilanjana Haldar