Book Review for ‘Writing Your First Mystery: A step-by-step guide to writing your first mystery’ by Nilanjana Haldar

Title—> A book that incites you to grasp your writing pens for your next crime novel. Allow Mar Preston to streamline your flying thoughts into well-established sleuths and murder finger-prints.

Eloquently written and harbouring a distinctly admirable level of finesse, this wonderful author explains to her readers the way to map out the written developments of a crime story taking birth in your mind, in a way that makes readers want to come back to you for more. Her style of writing is pristine and clearer than most novels I have come by. She clarifies her thoughts with apt descriptions, examples and little pieces of advice. If you are all fired up with a story of crime and you realised that all you needed to do was to grab the pen and begin writing, you will fast recognise that you could easily be all over the place, or stumble upon road-blocks of your own creation—uncertain or terrified if you are missing the flow you began with. This need not happen. Read Mar’s book and you will quickly figure your way out. Of course you can always add elements unique only to you but you will come to recognise the need for some truths that establish a book as memorable——these truths are beautifully described by Mar Preston. As you read her book, you cannot help but notice that despite writing a brief piece, she really knows what she is writing. Information that needn’t be placed into a book simply because our egos seek justice for our efforts in creating them is a step-up in the psychology of a writer, and this knowledge brought up by Mar intrigued me deeply. I struggled with this problem several times myself and now I am aware of what I had been doing.

The book isn’t a long read but there is so much to learn from this book! Mar provides very clear examples to explain what needs to be installed every single step of the creation of such a novel. It’s written with such indescribable fluency that I was forced to place aside my other works to clear up space for reading her book. I don’t think you will ever get tired reading this book as you create a novel. Even I, a writer of stories that juxtapose crime and magical realism found myself benefitted from her techniques, even though Mar’s explanations were specifically intended for authors of sleuths, cozy mysteries, with minimal to no inclusion of the paranormal anywhere along the way. I intend to return back to this book of hers as I create the second volume of the novel I am currently writing which will be studded with crime tales.

This book can take you a long way in your journey of writing a crime fiction.
Beautifully written.

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