Written by Nilanjana Haldar


This book is a cartoon-depiction of two children’s confrontation with their parent who has been abused by the dad. This book doesn’t just plain and simply address the importance of communicating to our children the truth behind the abuse at home, stating they have nothing to fear or guilt over. Instead of that, the book depicts the pain of violence in a pattern a child can comprehend and connect with. Cartoon bear for example is the species chosen here–cartoon bear mother with a black eye and cartoon kids. It is easy to forget that while many authors are hardbound writers of domestic violence, a lot of them are too focused on promoting their book and rising to the top. Since the demand in a much-needed book of this kind is so rare, none of these authors (as I have researched) has ever considered writing on it even though a lot of them have felt it. And yet, there is a colossal need for a book like this. So, whether people know or not, care or not about how children comprehend the pain of violence at home, most mothers or fathers would hesitate to buy a book of this kind. And yet, the need for this is supremely undeniable.

I applaud William George Bentrim for taking the time and effort to write a children’s book framed on the same. This openly shows how much he loves children. Also, the book has valuable resources for those in abusive homes, helplines and websites that such victims may use.

Victims of domestic abuse must buy this book for their children. However, if you are a victim-parent who is reading this—please consider separating from your spouse first. It is the first requirement followed by buying this book for these children.

May people all over the world promote his book.

I most certainly will!

Here is the amazon link for the book–> https://www.amazon.com/Mommys-Black-Eye-William-Bentrim-ebook/dp/B0098QLG4G


Nilanjana Haldar