Book Review- ‘The One From the Stars’ by Indian Bestselling author, Keshav Aneel

Theme of Today’s Book Selection- An Enormous Lesson for Indian Parents to Allow Children to Follow their Path irrespective of what society thinks (said with utmost respect). “You Have To Let Your Child Be who She Wants to Be.”

By Nilanjana Haldar

Book Review— The One From the Stars by Keshav Aneel

This book is an enormous lesson for Indian parents to allow children to follow their path instead of shoving them into the medical or engineering profession systems, which is erroneously known as the only two professions that can lead to a fulfilling life. 

Want to follow your life purpose? 

Follow Keshav Aneel’s national best-selling book, “The One From the Stars” featuring Vishesh’s life of starting his writing career with zero support from family and friends. He meets with horrifying abuse from family whose only interest reside in societal reputation and preconceived standards of what a successful life means. He is called a loser, a failure, addressed curtly by his parents, his girlfriend, and lack of understanding from his friends. 

There are places in the book about Vishesh’s struggles, that will make you miss a beat. His father burns his diaries full of his writings, breaks his laptop in which he could write his stories, his mother tells him he is a shame to the family, that his exotic desires would bring in no money into the family which would certainly keep them away from the luxuries that other families in their community enjoyed.

There are lines from the book that will drag you deep into the misery of Vishesh’s life. Here’s an excerpt from the book, where Vishesh laments the constant, brutal demeaning words inflicted on him by his own parents—he says them in the quietness of his room: 

“You feel great for kids who fight through adversity and win dance competitions at such a tender age. You encourage me to watch life stories of people who have made it big, those rags to riches stories that appear on talk shows. But I don’t understand a simple thing, Papa. Why don’t you approve of the only thing that I ever asked for? Is following the truth of my inner voice such a disgraceful act? Is it a path that will lead your child nowhere? You remember, you taught me to be a great man always. Does my dream stop me from being one? Tell me Papa, does it? No! Then, why don’t you let me be? What’s my fault? What’s my fault? Let me know, please.”

Vishesh is forced into a job at Janobs Life Insurance, embarking into a profession that never matched his soul purpose. He is unable to keep pace with the rest in his team, he fails miserably over and over again. He watched people fool others with their money, just to raise their profits in business. 

Vishesh realises this isn’t for him but forces himself to stick around so he could become financially stable in the intention of publishing his book which he wrote alongside in hiding. But watching people fool poor, innocent, elderly couples with money makes him disillusioned beyond words. 

Alongside his girlfriend leaves him, parting him with her final bitter words which sting him hard.

Eventually he leaves home and never comes back. 

Read the book and find out what happens.

Strong message for dreamers out there in India— “Never give up on your life purpose. That’s what you are here for. Remember everybody in your life, parents and friends will be against it. But if you follow it against all odds, you will be revered someday, maybe many many years later.

I’ll be honest, this book made me cry. This is honestly the story of my life.

Thanks Keshav for writing one of the most enjoyable books ever. I finished it in two days 🙂