Book Review: Treasure’s Tragedy by Karyn Almendarez (5 Star Rating)

Written By author, Nilanjana Haldar

You head for your commute and amidst your client’s lecture, you are summoned to the chief’s office and he informs you that your son has met with an accident and there is almost no chance for him to survive.

I am not supposed to give away the finer details of the book. What I am ready to share is my way of grabbing another potential reader’s attention to a prose that finely colors the truth of how such a grueling tragedy as that is being used for a higher purpose—Actually, multiple higher purposes.

We stay sunk in incomprehension of tragedies that befall our lives. The question, “Why is this happening to me?” is the quickest interrogatory conclusion that our minds leap into. There cannot  be a more sensible reason than the one Treasure’s Tragedy gives any reader to force him to feel the peace of God’s presence in the midst of apparently nomadic events that erode our lives from time to time.

That a single mother of such patience and courage could trade her doubts and emptiness for a divine presence is exceeding admirable. For me the book was like letters off a journal in a loving household in Texas. The loving writer of this journal helps each and every reader of this book to shift from a perception of complaint to one of trust.

You will thank God for every single circumstance in your life once you have read this book!

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