Take Away Messages from My Book…

Yes, you aren’t entitled to cling onto domestic violence at all! There are support centers and laws against them! Stand up and say “No More”!

Yes, your children watch your activities every day. Be a good role model for them. Begins with a happy relationship with your wife! If that’s a failure, your child could succumb to the resulting discord.

I urge you, dear parents, to rise up and put a stop to physical assaults and unreasonable punishments in school. A lot of you are unaware of the psychologically disabling effects of corporal punishments (beatings and slappings) and other irrational inflictions in school. Indian parents mostly endure all of this silently. You don’t know what damage that does to your children. I hope this book helps you a get a glimpse of it. Remember the characters here are fictional but every tale of suffering in the story is from real life.

Marriage is about two souls, which crosses barriers of culture, religion, and caste. It doesn’t require all the unnecessary junk of customs and beliefs. So, please fight for your desire to marry someone from another culture, religion or caste if that’s the case!

And, yes, you can change careers if a different calling has begun whispering to you a lot lately. You know what that is? Your life purpose!

I have done it myself 🙂


Book Review Of ‘Quiet Screams to the Quiet Healer’

By Ubaji Isiaka Abubakar Eazy

Review from some of the Best reviewers in Reedsy

The Book Gets 5 Stars/5 stars


This is the story of Sanjana, told from her point of view. She grows from a frightened school girl listening to her father abuse her mother to a confident young woman. Now a doctor, she becomes part of a secret society formed to heal and help others being abused, as well as those with mental health problems, bolstering them by sharing her strength and experiences. 

Her journey begins like many others living with daily abuse, but brings a bright ray of hope that life can and will change if you take steps to do so. She discovers there is forgiveness in cleansing, which changes her life as well as many others.

Her life intertwines with a mysterious man that seems to be available to help whenever she is in need, but disappears from her life as soon as she is safe. Other connections and some mystical events by seemingly ordinary people will intrigue the reader until the very last pages when all is explained.

The novel is set in India and it has a different cadence than most books written in English. But that being said, it is not difficult to read, nor is it confusing. I liken it to speaking to someone who knows English perfectly as a second language and often adds bits of their native tongue into the dialog. I have a dear friend from Pakistan whose voice I heard in my head when some of the characters spoke. I was thoroughly engaged with the plot and characters from start to finish.

Ms. Haldar is a doctor and motivational speaker as well as an author and poet. This is her debut book. The pain both physically and mentally was gripping and unnervingly real for the characters and reader. The underlying story of strength, courage and transformation of the characters to strong, healthy individuals is heartwarming and uplifting. This novel does contain graphic incidences of abuse.

DISCLOSURE OF MATERIAL CONNECTION: I have a material connection because I received a review copy from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review. Copyright © 2020 Laura Hartman

—Written by Reedsy Discovery reviewer, Laura Hartman (Her personal review page is at —> https://writeknit.wordpress.com/2020/08/06/book-review-quiet-screams-to-the-quiet-healer-fascinating-debut-novel/)

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