Book review for “Deep-The Embers of Life” by Christopher J Aggett

Rating—-> 10/5 🙂 

A Very gripping page-turner!

I have to thank the author for sending me a free copy ( upon my request) so I could read the novel. 

My review will be a lot better understood if you have read through the author’s first part, “Deep: The Climb of Truth” the review for which you can find right about here–>

I’ll start with Eli, one of the characters in the book, whose works and activities are more well-developed in the second part than in the first, and I have to say I really wanted to kill this character at a certain point. This lends sufficient appreciation of the author’s expertise in crafting the image of an annoying black hat who has felled away the entire foundation of a specific character in the book ( I won’t reveal who!)

William is a character I thoroughly sympathised with. This person cared for Daisy as his own child. I was lenient in my dealing with the second novel even after he was locked up behind bars until matters intensified viscerally. Thereafter, it really hurt whenever I heard of William.

To help potential buyers, Daisy’s escape from the cabin room (where the first book concludes) she has found herself in flies into a rapid succession of places——from the cabin, to a prison, to the depths of the water, into the comfort of snuggling bed sheets, bacon, cheese, straight into the arms of a lover. In the end, she comes full circle 😉 

So there you go I have revealed the whole story to you. I’ve spilled the beans. 

And yet I tell you, I might just be lying! 😉

The author deceived me, and I might just be doing it to you halfway through my review) 

For me, despite the numerous twists the author zipped my way I continued to be astonished. There are places where Daisy will literally overthrow you off your feet. I am apprehensive about revealing these portions of the novel and only plead that you read the book to find out, because you are going to love it. 

( side note for the author-> The sketch of Daisy’s altered self was definitely mind blowing, filled me with a sense of eerie admiration for her. If I were Eli, or even a pedestrian then, I would be deeply terrified) 

It’s really hard to state the storyline. Doing that would give everything away. Bottom line—-> I enjoyed it a lot! I finished it so fast!!

Sidenote ( meant for the author) — I throughly enjoyed the character Malcolm although his presence was brief. Really playful and fun guy he is. I literally laughed at his final words for Daisy, at the point where they part!

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