Speaking Clock

I saw you knock the crumbs off the sandwich
Halfway through your bite, you get jittery jittery jittery
You want to rush, you want to hurry, you have to worry,
I presume if you didn’t, someone would make you sorry.
And then you stick your head up, angled straight up at me,
Maybe splice your schedule so you have moments of carefree
But were you ever really chained, I quietly prithee?
I am but a battery-run object, that really really is all I am, you see.

I have tried staring at my arms considered so significant by men universal
They aren’t moon-material, only polished steel lines running a strict circle
I struggle to deeply realise myself, but that, I understand, is quite impossible
But deep down I sense I am nothing more than your fan or your electric kettle!
Circuits run through me I am aware, many turns, many swings, many throws,
They spark inside, awakening me, this is the furthest my knowledge goes.
I wish I could state that the last time you gasped looking at me, I froze
As I do every time I wonder what me, your own creation, could stand to impose!!

Every moment, every single moment you cry, or run as you stare at me
I do the same—“Pause! Easy!” I struggle hard to leap out and plea.
Was I created to run a gale in your life that robbed all your genuine “free”?
Why are you creating a tick-ticking owner-role? Just to listen to it, obey, and agree?
You have work, places to go, people to meet, explore, I heard it all,
From humans at the shop full of my cousins where they are learning to crawl,
But I simply can’t grasp why you need to add me in your dear protocol
I literally am mere arms running in a circle, like the calendar windmills standing tall.

Dear person, listen out for my battery life span I cannot anymore guarantee,
Realise now and forever that you really really really are eternally free?
I wonder if my battery-run illusory existence you ever enquiry?

(Message-Slow Down, Live! Time, urgency self-created literally is an illusion!)

Written by Miss Nilanjana Haldar
(The inspiration arose out of a sudden clairvoyance I sensed in the middle of a moment of intense urgency.
I reflected then that the clock that makes us so nervous literally (Like Literally literally) is nothing more than any other battery-run object! In a second of that reflective moment, all my urgency, time-constraints vanished and I found myself smiling, then giggling)