‘Spirited Away’ by Hayao Miyazaki Did Carry My Spirit Away

Written by Nilanjana Haldar

I remember being unable to halt my body from trembling until thirty minutes after the movie had stopped. This, I realized, was because my body hadn’t learnt how to handle a movie like this one before. 

Spirited Away laced me with a necklace the pendant of which flipped open a store that always lingered within me but failed to express itself given my preoccupation with the real world. 

Spirited Away dug out of me an untold story that resided there and was revealed to the world through Hayao Miyazaki’s creation in the effect that I became one with this story that was otherwise created by a Japanese.

You ask me if I cried? Yes, by golly, I cried! I cried in my discovery of this lone planet that hid inside of me that only a Japanese artist could direct my attention to.

The movie didn’t have any attribute of unchangeable depression but it didn’t need to have any of it. Instead, every scene of it drives you to an inescapable plot, a rush, a need-to-know-more, with hypnotizing yokais, ravaging the sketch able scenes of a town, blossoming with savory-loaded open eateries or colourful light bulbs and red bridge to hold your breath on.

And, remember, you, dear human, you are unwelcome in this world!

And then I created this for my family,

Cake depicting NoFace (カオナシ Kaonashi) for mother, father, Mashi and Mesho.

Beautiful way to end my New Year!

It was indeed a celebration of Spirited Away. 

Chihiro came alive through me

and No-face (カオナシ Kaonashi) through my cake!