When Every Single Thing You See Inspires You To Create

A treasure next to the culvert!!

An accident scattered remnants that car headlights illuminated at night. Sad such treasure isn’t worth a penny. But, hey, it does look like treasure the needy could use!

Sightings on a Delhi Road!

I recall the entire stream of 10-15 rickshawalas at Lajpat Nagar staring at me as I bent over the roadside water potholes to click this perfect picture. 

The idea—- A car accident, a person’s death and the ruin remnants all create art. 

So I wrote a poem on it and titled it two different ways 

Dirt and Death all Combine to Form Art

(Dirt, Death all Dance to form an unDiscovered Distorted Display—-The D Title 😛)

Nature’s velocity cracked the car’s windshield
Then died as the two humans were hopelessly killed
Sludge and muddy pieces all assembled then,
A humble attempt to recreate a sparkly nature again!

—-By Miss Nilanjana Haldar



A rainbow 🌈 streak in every Komerabi 木漏れ日 (Komerabi(Jap.)- sunlight filtering through tree leaves )


Peacock cloud I sketched on my phone.

This one was hovering to the left side of my head, back in Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu

#Self-done, smart-phone, finger-sketched!! (Pareidolia at its best)

Google says —->
Peacock energy can remind us we are amazing, and we should fan out our assets to land the opportunities we are seeking.

#Self-done, smart-phone, finger-sketched!! (Pareidolia at its best)

This one is the first cloud I sketched in my i-phone

Google says —->
Peacock energy can remind us we are amazing, and we should fan out our assets to land the opportunities we are seeking.

Kanyakumari Memories Linger!

Self -clicked (in Gorumara Wildlife Sanctuary) and self-written

Inspired by the title of the book “THE COLOUR PURPLE”by Alice Walker

(Look at the bottom of the pic to understand the poem
It was on the train tracks)—>

In a hidden place, I spotted the bright colour orange
Those tree-top spiral flowers that we deny and estrange
The location is riskful, but I spotted it in close range
A curl that even the Darjeeling train couldn’t derange

Self made ‘honeycomb beehive Rangoli’ for this Diwali.
This is only an arc of the entire circle which goes around the tree.
Hadn’t posted during Diwali for certain reasons
But I thought, why not?!

Chorki over a badminton court looks like “The Milky Way”

#DiwaliRocks ;D

Fly-carcass! …. self-clicked
perfection everywhere!
so why would you think you aren’t one!

“You are perfection just the way you are!”
God, from ‘Conversations With God” by Neale Donald Walsch

Diamonds The Hungry on the Delhi Platform don’t See…

Diamonds filtered and released out of electricity and motor-work….


Spotted this shrunken mango leaf resembling a deep sea jellyfish! 😳


Diplodoccus heading straight for Mitra Nursing Home. 



Self-written Fun-Poem on Ophthalmology Surgical Instruments


{{An unanimous monologue by McPherson’s and Curved Suture-tying forceps addressing junior trainees in Ophthalmology (Ophthalmology Doctors Around the World Will Understand)}}

I see you assisting your senior, your eyes so bored,
Their assumption—this expertise you cannot yet afford,
Late night TPK, Your hands we would’ve adored,
O Pity you, your eyes , you really are sleepy and bored!

Your hands we long to touch but we haven’t got lips to speak,
They don’t and can’t never know, it is the juniors we seek,
We too get bored when constantly steered by the senior physique,
We are happy if you ask for us, while they think you are a freak!

We soak up the BSS, but we also soak up every secret story
The cycles of silent grumbles sugar-coated with words decoratory,
It is you on whom they unload their anger, resentment, hurt and worry
The general understanding— you are always the outwitted territory.

What your seniors deny and me and my partner are sad to say,
Is that we desire to be held by you a lot more often than they,
A moment of rejoice it is, as you, the unskilled, lifts us off the surgical tray,
But should you drop us, and annoy your senior, we bray, “Hip Hip Hooray”!

—By Miss Nilanjana Haldar

Bougainvillea devouring the abandoned rickshaw! 😱

#Self-taken pic

Paint marks that help clean your dishes!






Self- sketched ( notebook plus iPhone clubbed Anime ) 🌸



Self-created Bokeh-art using Birthday-Cap Glitter and an iPhone



this is my first ever self-done Bokeh-art 🌸using I-phone and Diwali lights

Smart-phone self-made finger-sketches off my verandah! 🙂
Google says “Apophenia” is the experience of seeing a spontaneous connection or meaningful pattern in unrelated or random things e.g. seeing shapes in clouds

The one below is—>

Not rain-clouds but war!🔥

Adjust your specs people!

Spotted an Elvis Cloud and sketched a pic out of it and a poem to compliment it too

All of Elvis isn’t gone,
Popping his head after dawn,
Singing his favourite song,
‘Jailhouse-rock’ all day long!