You Are Being Primed to Attract A Rapist, And You Don’t Even Know It! Quantum Physics, Epigenetics, and Examples from Real-Life Clearly Explain How! Empower Yourself and Reverse it! (Written By Nilanjana Haldar)

One thing is for certain—Life flows where energy flows.

If that energy is one of fear guess what? That’s you are drawing towards yourself!

Newspapers loading you with articles of girls being raped everywhere isn’t something I am against, or saying, shouldn’t be documented! In fact, I agree the intent is to keep society from turning a blind eye to these mishaps.

However, if you process these articles from a place of not being aware of the epigenetics or the energy potential of your mind, it often leaves an unseen part of your psychology paralyzed with an unsolicited fear. This fear really draws towards you the exact situations that match that fear and confines you into a ‘limited-life.’ By ‘limited-life,’ I mean a life where you shut yourself from the outside world once the Sun has set or you become reliant on your male counterparts to be around to rescue you, or you somehow make it through the dark streets in absolute fear.

I wish to awaken you to the fact that the over-cautiousness inflicted on you by society, when walking outdoors, is transmuting into a fear-based psychology. This psychology is not only increasing the restrictions you impose on yourself, but also pulling rapists, molesters, and eve-teasers towards you. Whether you have been victimized by this class of people or not, if you carry that fear inside of you, you will end up in one of the two ways. Either the fear will consume you to the point where you refrain from any activities outdoor at night unless you have a vehicle to take you around, or you step outdoors at night and easily fall prey to such men. 

So, you may be saying, then why step outdoors at night? Let’s just stay indoors!

But, isn’t that a restricted life? An unfree life? Where you throw your power in the hands of these people who instilled fear in you and those criminal minds that are frolicking around?

Or say, you agree you go outside every now and then—but have you ever asked yourself if you are carrying that fear inside? Whether you are constantly looking about yourself to check if someone is following you, or staring at you?


“What you think, you become, What you feel you attract, what you imagine you create.”


Those out there who, while walking outdoors at night, feel even the slightest tinge of being bogged down by fear, you have got to understand that this energy of yours is what is drawing these people towards you. You are essentially giving away your energy to them!

So, when you say, “It hardly matters. Just don’t step outdoors!”, you are making a decision to not take responsibility. You are choosing to confine yourself instead even of that experiencing the freedom of being an independent, smart, confident woman who cannot be approached by such attackers. It is a choice you are making, to drown yourself into your fears!

Rather than trusting that you can be involved in your own freedom, the first thing you do is you give up responsibility for realizing your real power and settle in this ‘unacknowledged fear’ inside of you or rely on rescuers to be around to fix it!

Get smarter, dear lady! Don’t be that victim! That’s outdated!

So you don’t believe me when I say that you have the power to change the probability of attracting these people? Magical? Well, read till the end and find out!

Now here’s what will be even more unbelievable for you to hear! It’s that you can change that entirely and never ever end up attracting a rapist ever, no matter where you go! Sounds too good to be true? Well, read on and find out.

If any of you have read my other blogs, you must’ve noticed that I often quote the power of quantum physics and epigenetics as being the underlying solution to every problem in your life. So, if you think I am deluded by what the pioneers of the quantum field endorse, I will ask you to open your eyes to an absolute truth—-Long before I had come across the works of these people——like Deepak Chopra, Gregg Braden, and Bruce Lipton——my intelligence had picked up this inexplicable connection between ‘the fear energy’ inside and ‘unspeakably, analogous encounters on the outside.

This became evident to me after I shifted from Chandigarh to Delhi with the intent of taking a break from my stressful medical work-life. While the reason I had shifted had to do with pursuing my passion of figure-skating, the sabbatical eventually transformed into one of rigorous self-introspection all of which allowed me to unearth some enormous truths that were playing in my life (and basically anybody’s life on planet earth)!!

I hoped that staying away from home would help me understand why I carried so much fear inside of me. I always carried a fear of walking outdoors at night. It was, in huge part, through people in my society constantly telling me to be extremely careful while stepping out at night, being warned by relatives, and a highly protective boyfriend. While everybody’s intent in each of these cases is pure, and I will not blame them here, the way my mind interpreted this is to equate “the need for avoidance” as “a need for fear”. I was thrown off balance whenever I stepped outdoors, and I was naturally seized with an unshakable level of consciousness of my surroundings, and this was more suspicion-based than a genuine feeling of safety. There was no real feeling of security. This has happened all my life, and I understood the alarming manifestation-ability of this ‘unchecked, unnoticed fear’ only after began introspecting myself after shifting to Delhi.

While trying to delve into the issues that had manifested in my life, I recalled two incidents back in Chandigarh (deemed as one of the safest cities in India). I was molested twice! 

Can you believe that?! And this happened within my own institute, PGIMER, Chandigarh, the best post-graduate medical institute in the country and one that has security guards surrounding the doctors the whole time, plus, there are inspectors and cameras positioned everywhere inside the campus. They couldn’t go to the extent of raping, though. But, my point is how on earth did I attract such experiences in a city like Chandigarh, that too within my own high-security college campus. 

The more I researched, the more I understand how it was that I had attracted such people into my life, the more I conclude that it was me who was attracting these situations.

I will brush against the examples I mentioned:

  1. The first example had occurred while I was returning back from work once long back. While walking back home all alone, I was held by my waist by two men in motorcycles who were cruising leisurely through the campus. They took pleasure in touching me. Luckily, I was strong so I fled away. I felt embarrassed, ashamed and shocked by what had happened to me! 
  •  The second example is that of a certain guy I had fallen madly in love with. I had walked over to his house to tell him how I felt and he took advantage of the proximity and forced himself on me. It wasn’t rape. But yes, definitely lecherous, disrespectful and done merely for personal pleasure—very easy to tell!

I was too naïve back then to understand why I had attracted to myself a person like him but I had the slightest feeling of coldness with regards to his behaviour towards me afterward which I confirmed later by asking him the truth—he revealed that he felt nothing for me.

Now, I admit, the second example has nothing to do with being cautious about walking outdoors. But, do you see the connections between my inner energy and the two different events. I was carrying energy of fear towards people who loved to mess up with women. That fear was manifesting in all different ways. And what was even worse was, back then, I was clueless with regards to this truth—I wish somebody had told me what really was happening!

After shifting to Delhi I had spent hours after hours browsing through books, spiritual leaders’ teachings, meditation, journaling-my-thoughts, yoga and continually researching on Google as to what exactly was happening with me——Why did I feel so disempowered and disconnected from the world. Firstly, work-life was suffering, I was unhappy with my work, I was unhappy with the way I felt about myself, and I always imbibed the negative energy of people around me.

The more I prodded into the solutions, the more I was able to unearth interesting solutions out of them which appeared in my mind out of nowhere but invariably made sense!

Millions of unfortunate situations I had attracted to myself, each of which were completely fear-based attractions. Let me cite some of them:-

  1. We were being allotted our thesis-guides at work. I was extremely apprehensive with regards to who my guide would be. As I look back to it, I was more apprehensive about having a guide who would boss around with me as opposed to feeling good about the idea of having a guide who would be easy to get along with. 

Now, I had a batchmate named Reyansh, who was the exact opposite. His inner energy was always one of joy and possibilities. He desired a guide who would make the entire thesis-process an extremely relaxed and effortless experience. When our bosses were allotted, he had found himself the strictest boss in the department, whereas I had secured myself the most easy-going of the entire panel of faculty members. But, wait, before you contradict me, let me continue into how things drastically changed. Reyansh of course was disconcerted about the type of guide he got, but he stayed calm. His calmness easily drew to him a colleague of ours, named Ravi who was disconcerted with his own guide. So, Reyansh and Ravi’s guides carefully got their guides switched, and, in the process, the department people altered my own guide to the worst possible guide in the entire department (she was even worst than the strictest guide I earlier mentioned! She was irrational and disliked by every body in the department!) And Reyansh ended up getting my guide! After that, the office-authorities said that the chosen guides had been finalised! 

I believe now you will embrace how important it is to work to alter your inner energy, to release your fears and change their meaning!!

  • Ever since I began working to release all the fear from within me, through meditation, journaling my thoughts and replacing them with powerful empowering thoughts, I began feeling more and more better about myself. Not only that, I began attracting better friends, favourable people at work and so on. It is remarkable isn’t it!

With regards to the science that I am about to reveal to you, I give full credit to Bruce Lipton, an internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirit, stem cell biologist, bestselling author of ‘The Biology of Belief’, and recipient of the 2009 Goi Peace Award, teaches the science of epigenetics.


If I am going to give you scientific evidence on how your mind really works, I will start with the mechanisms that are at work within your body. 

You are created of multiple cells——> a community of cells, so to say. But what we have now have bought into as being the fundamental element of that which we call as ‘OUR SELF’ is DNA—right? Now, scientists like Roger D. Kornberg, Severo Ochoa, 

and, most importantly, by the popularly mooted thoughts that hung in everybody’s lips— labelling Delhi as one of those cities with the maximum rape-rates in the world, that I musn’t be on my guard no matter where I went!!

FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real

This is how I handle my fear—I never resist it!

You may not know but every emotion you call as “bad” is only so because YOU RESIST IT!

BASICALLY IT IS YOUR EGO WHICH RESISTS IT! This resistence creates stress inside which you call as a negative emotion.

When you are in a state of fear, your ego is trying its level best to straighten its head in the midst of it, so it resists it. That resistence creates within you an energy of resistence and you draws to yourself situations that vibration of resistence inside. Eg. Bad bosses, bad colleagues.

So, in every situation where things aren’t working out for you, go deep within and ask yourself, what is it that I am trying to resist, what is it that needs to be released so that I can relax.

It is popularly said, “From within , from without.”

The energy inside you brings towards yourself the exact situations that match that.

I have attracted countless people based on this energy-law. Whenever I am going about a pursuit in my life, for example, walking alone in the dark in this case, I simply feel the joy of being safe and I know that is enough to keep me safe.

Now, of course it is foolish not to be alert while outdoors. 

I recommend being alert but always knowing you will be fine. 

And choose to empower yourself with strong words. 


That was such an empowering line for me, I cannot even begin to explain!

 I travelled all around Delhi throughout my time there. I admit I was alert about people around me but I wasn’t constantly checking behind my back. Everytime I used empowering sentences like the one I just mentioned, I simply KNEW I would be fine.

This isn’t magic or too good to be true?

If you scan through events in your life, you will easily notice that every single time you feared something, it was attracted back towards you. 

I choose to quote Greg Bradden here 


Quoting Gregg Braden’s, who is the bestselling author of ‘Resilience from the Heart’ and ‘Fractal Time’ (Reference-à


“Around every human heart is a field of energy five to 8 feet, two to three meters in diameter, and this field of energy can be measured now in ways that make it very useful to us. The institute of heart math has designed equipment that will help us to measure this field every moment of every day.

Your heart is sending signals to your brain, telling your brain what kind of energy to send to your body. Every moment of every day, there is a signal which your heart sends to your brain.

Back in school days, we saw atoms as little solar systems with electrons orbiting around a proton. Now scientists are discovering that atoms are no longer the old definition but are instead concentrates of energy. Now what I am about to tell you is no surprise, it’s that you change the field of energy that the atom lives in, you change the atom. You can change that field electrically or magnetically.

For those of you who believe in scientific evidence, there are terms for these effects, and they are 1) The Zeeman Effect, 2) The Stark Effect.

Now, scientifically proven, our hearts generate stronger magnetic fields than our brains. The ECGs of our hearts are 100 times stronger than the EEG in the electrical information in our brains, so when we create thoughts, feelings, and emotions, beliefs, compassion, confidence, fearlessness in the heart, that’s the word we use to define those experiences, but to the field what we are doing is we are creating magnetic and electrical waves that are known to change stuff out there surrounding you. The results might come in their own time, and yet the change comes at some point.”

It’s proven, but I discovered it long before I even read any of the new-age articles! They only confirmed they my suspicions were right!

I see them as a separate gremlin/mouse hovering over my mind, constantly trying to tear down the pages of joy, confidence and happiness which is my truest self. This mouse happens to have absolutely no power when you laugh at it.

Try laughing today the the mouse inside Your Head! It is probably one of the most powerless entity on this planet!

It is nothing but insanity to let this mouse control your life—Because Fear really is 100% imaginary!

Talk to this mouse and say, “I am confident I will be fine wherever I go. I know I will be careful and I know prevention is better than cure. However, what you are bringing here is of no use to me. I am handing it back to you.”

Remember, mice fear people—they run away. So when you shine your light at this mouse it runs away and reduced to a lifeless entity until all of it is gone!

Talk to this fear in your mind the way I did. Whenever you walk outside, walk with pride and conifence. In fact strike out the word, “Fear” from your dictionary. 

Are you underappreciated in your life? 

Are you dealing with verbal abuse daily? 

 Is society criticizing you for being different? 

Are your parents forcing you to be a certain way?

Visit and subscribe to my personal website at, and you will be fed with weekly tips that will help you heal these faster than ever before. 


Nilanjana Haldar

“There are no victims in the universe, only creators.” — Neale Donald Walsh, best-selling author of ‘Conversations With God’

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