Book Review for ‘In the Shadow of Time’ by my Favourite Author, Kevin Ansbro

“High above, a ghost ship moon was moored in an inky sky, presenting the perfect backdrop for a righteous execution.” 

This is the kind of book that can help change the world, heal it, and make it a better place!

Dr. Sofia Ustinova, one of the world’s leading physicists, long married to a hellish husband, has fallen for the most star-aligned gentleman—and former assassin—of England, Hugo Wilde. When a time machine is discovered in a cellar, they use it to start a new life in Mexico, and the veils of their sorrows start to lift in many unexpected ways.

As well as extracting human emotions, like in every other book of his, Ansbro has depicted the perplexity of several lives unfolding in flips of time travel and using a selection of characters of such unquestionable tenderness and frivolity as to make one anaesthetised to the perils of the real world — at least temporarily. But perverse minds aren’t entirely out of scope and one must watch out for the most notorious Severiano Salazar, whom I would have soon slapped had I met him in real life.

Ansbro takes writing to a whole new level of splendour, allowing readers the enticing delight of touching things that are unreachable. Redemption, and not taking life for granted, are themes that he smartly conceals in the horizons of violence. I was amazed at how the author brought these elements together! 

Summing up—>If the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, were suddenly inspired to courier me her Cartier Halo tiara, I would place it not on my head, but on Kevin Ansbro’s book, In the Shadow of Time.

Whether reading an Ansbro novel for the first or the last time, one recognises the work of a maestro. This is an author who will stay etched in the reader’s heart and soul for a long time.

Also, I would like to add something: This is a rare author who goes about helping novice authors climb up the literary ladder of success.

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